Enliven your space with the warm texture of bamboo from these collection.


Chekered Rafia

Chekered Rafia_roll


Lampakanay with Straw Mats

Lampakanay with Straw Mats_roll

Plaited Rafia

Plaited Rafia_roll

Rafia Bleached

Rafia Bleached_roll

Rafia w Lampakanay Insert

Rafia with Lampakanay Insert_roll



Tweed Rafia

Tweed Rafia_roll

Wide Rafia Bleached

Wide Rafia Bleached_roll

Wide Rafia Natural

Wide Rafia Natural_roll

Saguran 4ply All Natural

Saguran 4ply All Natural_roll

Saguran 7ply All Natural

Saguran 7ply All Natural_roll

Saguran Abaca Combination

Saguran Abaca Combination_roll

Saguran Natural with Agsam Sticks

Saguran Natural with Agsam Sticks_roll

Saguran Natural with Buri Sticks

Saguran Natural with Buri Sticks_roll

Wide Saguran Abaca Combination

Wide Saguran Abaca Combination_roll

Polyrafia Saguran with Black Thread

Polyrafia Saguran with Black Thread_roll

Saguran Bleached Braided Design

Saguran Bleached Braided Design_roll

Saguran Bleached

Saguran Bleached_roll

Saguran Braided Natural with Bleached

Saguran Braided Natural with Bleached_roll

Saguran Diamond Black Design

Saguran Diamond Black Design_roll

Saguran Diamond Natural with Bleached

Saguran Diamond Natural with Bleached_roll

Saguran Natural with Bleached 4ply

Saguran Natural with Bleached 4ply_roll

Saguran Natural

Saguran Natural_roll

Saguran Square Mesh

Saguran Zigzag Design Natural with Bleached

Saguran Zigzag Design Natural with Bleached_roll

*All mattings are available in 24" W and/or 36"W x 7M length

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